Bio Spectrum CBD - Nasadol - Extra Strength (200mg) - $29.95

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We’ve solved the problem of converting pure, pharmaceutical grade CBD isolate into a nano particle water soluble form and packaged it into a refreshing saline nasal mist! Our water soluble CBD in the nose is immediately and efficiently absorbed, and directly transferred to within the brain. When you spray Nasadol into your nose, you will start to feel the health effects of our precise dosing right away. Contains no THC.

This is the extra strength version of the product that revolutionized the way CBD is delivered to the brain. More powerful and faster acting than oils or rubs, Nasadol requires less product for greater relief.*

Works within 30 seconds*
100 sprays of CBD per bottle*
2mg of powerful CBD per spray*
Contains limonene for a pleasant finish*
Fastest absorption method of CBD*
Less CBD needed for more results*
Improved Bioavailability of CBD*
More effective than oils, vapes, edibles and beverages*
Bypasses blood brain barrier in seconds*
Tested and certified by 3rd party labs*
Micro Dosing for Macro Results!*


Supports sense of calm*
For Focus and Anti-Anxiety*
Manage Stress*
Relieves Headaches*
Relieves Sinus Pressure*
Allergy relief*
Maintain and aid healthy sleep cycles*

Nasal delivery of CBD is 6-8 times more efficient than taking oral tablets. Nasal delivery also results in the most efficient transfer to the brain where you want the effects.*

How do I use Nasadol nasal sprays?
Nasadol nasal sprays are easy to use. Twist off the cap from the bottle at the tamper-evident seal. Shake the bottle and place the spray nozzle barely into your nostril. Compress the sprayer. Let the fine mist find you! Sniff gently. Don’t snort. Snorting hurts and can inflame your sinuses. And, snorting will draw the mist down to your throat where it won’t do as much good. A slight sting or warmth shortly after use is normal and harmless. Don’t share Nasadol or any nasal spray. Sharing could spread infections.*

How often can I use Nasadol?
You can use Nasadol as often as you need, or enjoy it. While you can’t overdoes, CBD has a therapeutic range unique to you. We suggest starting with one gentle sniff in each nostril 2 times a day, at least ½ hour apart, and increasing the frequency up to 4-6 times daily as you need.*
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